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Mix n Match 4 Pack

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Let's get spicy! They say variety is the spice of life so I'm giving you a way to select your own faves....or maybe you just want lots of the same!

You can select from all available blends by clicking the drop down for each option. Check out how easy it is to create amazing weekday meals HERE.

The perfect way to give a gift as my eco friendly "bubble wrap" doubles as beautiful wrapping! Plus I pop a little card in with my own QR code that links directly to my website.

Try all 4 spice blends or mix n match your faves. Perfect as a gift.

Choose from:

  • Smokin' - our fabulous taco inspired seasoning
  • Herbalicious - the not-so traditional herby blend
  • Delhi - Indian in a flash
  • Spring Zing - lemon pepper salty seasoning for everything and anything!
  • Sweet Spice - Sweet or savoury mixed spice.

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