Spring Zing - Lemon-Pepper Salt Sprinkle

Spring Zing is your go to all purpose salt sprinkle for any meal. Sprinkle it on your eggs, roasts and baked veggies and to zhuzh up your fish, chicken or plain old steamed veg. There’s something about that lemony and peppery zing that gets the juices flowing 


Spring Zing is filled with: Himalayan salt*,  sumac, cracked pepper, onion flakes, lemon peel powder, garlic powder, oregano. (*Himalayan salt is not organic).

Here’s what’s in a popular brand of similar seasoning:

Salt, Pepper (20%), Food Acid (330), Onion, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Celery Seed, Lemon Peel Granules (1%), Flavour (Contains Wheat), Soybean Oil.

That’s why I went about creating a salt sprinkle that was free from the weird, unnecessary stuff they put in there.

Read about why I choose Himalayan salt in the Healthy Hack blog.

The recipes here should help you see how versatile it is. You can stir it through dips, even just some natural yoghurt or sour cream can be turned into a zingy dressing for your salads or to trickle on your meal!

Use it anywhere you would normally add salt. A simple chicken broth would be lifted another level with a little zing to freshen it up.

If you make the Dukkah recipe and just keep a jar on the bench, it will go in a flash! We put it on just about anything: salads, meats, veggies, boiled eggs - like literally roll your eggs in the dukkah - Ahhhh-maZING