How to use Secret Spices

There is nothing worse than following a recipe that looks insta-worthy on paper but tastes just plain meh.

All that effort and no happy ending! So many people, and so many recipes, produce under-seasoned food and I am here to change that! I want you to feel confident to tweak your own recipes and take whatever ingredients you have available to make meal time easy and satisfying.

The most uninteresting foods can be turned into something amazing by using a flavour-full spice blend and the right amount of salt. That’s why I’ve left the salt out, so you can add a little or a lot without overshooting your salt quota! (plus it’s a cheap filler that you just don’t need to pay me for!)

My preferred salt is Himalayan salt. 250,000 years old from the foothills of Pakistan, it’s untouched by environmental toxins and contains 80+ minerals that our body uses to keep all systems on the go. You could also choose an unrefined salt sourced from an unpolluted ocean or river bed. 

When you're wanting to use the blends in your own recipes, start with these quantities and add more salt or spice to your tastes. Note that if you’ve put lots of vegetables in with your meat then they will dilute the flavours and salt even more so just add and tweak as you go.


1 tablespoon Spice Blend: 1 teaspoon unrefined salt

2 tablespoon Spice Blend: 1 kilogram of meat or mixed veggies.


2 tablespoon Spice Blend: 1 teaspoon unrefined salt 

3 tablespoon Spice Blend: 1 kilogram of meat or mixed veggies: 1 1/2 teaspoon unrefined salt

If you’re using it as a rub, use as much or as little as you like. I completely roll my meat in the salty/herb mix before hitting the BBQ, pan or oven to get that lick-the-plate-clean urge at the end of the meal.

Enjoy having a play and know that you will be able to impress the fussiest of eaters and Wow your biggest critics.

Kimberly xo