Herbalicious - the not so Traditional Herb Mix

Herbalicious secret spice blend

Herbalicious is a not-so traditional herb blend that is perfect for Winter warmers, Summer BBQ’s and roasts….you know, anything really! She’s your herby go-to for that comforting familiarity of mixed herbs with that little extra something to jazz up any meal. 

She’s a humble companion for your omelette or scrambled eggs and gives life to the blandest of dishes. Use her for a herb crusted roast, baked potatoes, burger seasoning, bolognese booster, slow cooker base, soup sensation, gravy seasoning, homemade dips and mayo miracle worker. Phew, she’s your perfect all-rounder!

I’ve taken the thinking out of meal planning and prep for you and popped it in one packet. Containing about 10 tablespoons, I’ve got you covered for something Herbalicious every week. 

100% PURE

Herbalicious is created from 100% certified organic herbs and spices with no added flavours, salt, sugar or other shite. This means you are getting more concentrated flavour in every spoonful and you can add salt to your own tastes. When the balance of spices and salt are right, you don’t need the sugar and flavour enhancers normally found in pre-mixed flavour sachets and your body will love you for it.


Herbalicious is filled with: Garlic, onion, rosemary, sumac, thyme, garam masala, oregano, black pepper 


Your usual slow cooker seasoning base is filled with dodgy ingredients that your body just doesn’t recognise as real food. 

Here’s the ingredients from a popular brand of slow cooked garlic and herb lamb shank seasoning:


When you read an ingredients list, did you know they are listed in order of the largest quantity first to the smallest listed last. So when it’s only 6% herbs and you read thickener as the first ingredient, salt as the second and sugar as the fourth, you need to put that thing down! 

All these random ingredients make the product cheap to produce and to have a long shelf life. When you look at the actual herbs in this packet, there’s really not a lot going on which is what makes Herbalicious......delicious! Look at all those herbs, perfectly blended together to give you the awesome flavours we love.


There is nothing worse than following a recipe that looks insta-worthy on paper but tastes just plain meh. All that effort and no happy ending! So many people, and so many recipes, produce under-seasoned food and I am here to change that! I want you to feel confident to tweak your own recipes and take whatever ingredients you have available to make meal time easy and satisfying. The most uninteresting foods can be turned into something amazing by using a flavour-full spice blend and the right amount of salt.

That’s why I’ve left the salt out, so you can add a little or a lot without overshooting your salt quota! (plus it’s a cheap filler that you just don’t need to pay me for!)

My preferred salt is Himalayan salt. 250,000 years old from the foothills of Pakistan, it’s untouched by environmental toxins and contains 80+ minerals that our body uses to keep all systems on the go.

Start with these quantities and add more salt or Herbalicious’ to your tastes. Note that if you’ve put lots of vegetables in with your meat then they will dilute the flavours and salt even more so just add and tweak as you go.

  • 1 Tbsp Herb Blend: 1tspn unrefined salt
  • 2 Tbsp Herb blend: 1 kilogram of meat or mixed veggies.

If you’re using it as a rub, use as much or as little as you like. I completely roll my meat in the salty/herb mix before hitting the BBQ, pan or oven to get that lick-the-plate-clean urge at the end of the meal.

The herby goodness from Herbalicious provides a depth of flavour to just about anything. Oregano, rosemary and thyme are considered woody herbs whose flavours develop nicely over a slow cook. All that said, they also pack a punch as a sprinkle on your baked spuds or chips, 

This blend is your perfect, humble companion to your regular meals. Boost your bolognese, meatloaf, grilled or oven baked meats and veg. It’s awesome to simply roll some chicken in or squeeze through some mince to make burgers. 

These herbs are from Roman times and are super antiviral, antibacterial and were used to ward off disease back in the day. These herby warriors were brought to Australia by the “Boat” people hundreds of years ago and grow well here in Tasmania. My rosemary grows as a hedge here and needs a good trim every year! My thyme forms a rambling edge to the garden bed and pops up all over! Oregano is also super hardy and dies off in winter but comes back with vengeance in Spring. 

I consider these Aussie flavours because I grew up with them, I can grow them in my garden and we use them often. I go out with a pair of scissors and chop chunks out and throw them sticks and all straight into a slow cooker, under and over my roasts or in any pot of stew. Once it’s cooked I yank out the sticks after the flavour has been drawn out. They go beautifully with tomatoes which makes sense given their Mediterranean heritage. Greeks sprinkle dried oregano straight onto salads, feta and potatoes and dried thyme is considered by the French as being better than fresh! Who woulda thought?

Now let’s talk about garam masala! Weird hey?! This is a blend of roasted spices traditionally used in Indian cooking. It’s got cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper, fennel, ginger and curry leaf. For a long time I’ve been using this spice in all sorts of dishes when it’s lacking a little something. I never really knew why until I started researching spice blending! Many of these spices are considered the “sweet” that makes up that perfect blend of hot, pungent, tangy and sweet. So there you go, I knew it before I knew it!